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TENS for pain relief and muscle stimulation

The TENSMED S82 is the ultimate choice for the professional treatment of muscle stimulation and pain relief With this device you can treat chronic pain, patients recovering from a traumatic condition, immobilisation, and improve posture and stabilisation of the knee joint using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). TENS treatments are safe, have no side-effects and can be an excellent alternative for pain medication.

The TENSMED S82 is a 2-channel electrostimulator with a clearly legible LCD screen.


  • 12 Sport
  • 8 Fitness, Beauty & Wellness
  • 16 Pain (TENS)
  • 9 Prevention
  • 11 Rehabilitation
  • 3 Incontinence
  • 6 Free programs


PROGRAMMABLE 6 free memories to store your desired parameters and to create customized programs

 PRESET PROGRAMS 59 specific programs for functional rehabilitation and pain

 FAST MENU makes navigation faster

 SYNCRO-STIM increase the intensity of the 2 channels simultaneously using only one button.

BACKLIT DISPLAY the clearly legible LCD display contributes to optimal usability and ease-of-operation


65 programs

12 Sport

 8 Fitness, Beauty & Wellness

16 Pain (TENS)

9 Prevention

11 Rehabilitation

3 Incontinence

6 Free program

REHABILITATION: Muscle stimulation programs are particularly indicated for the functional recovery after surgical articulation interventions and after immobilization time. Programs included for Vastus Medialis Reinforcement and Recovery after ACL Surgery, Prevention Programs, Re-Athletization and Hemiplegia.

PAIN: eliminate pain with the special pulses of the TENS currents that, stimulating your body in a soft way, enables you to recover your health, wellness and a renovated life enjoyment. Programs included for Acute and Chronic Pain, Cervical pain, Lumbago, Periarthritis, Epicondylitis, Sciatica and soft tissue injuries.

INCONTINENCE: specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinenceINCONTINENCE: specific programs for the treatment of urological disorders such as stress, urge and mixed incontinence

SPORT: the TENSMED S82 is programmed in order to selectively stimulate fast and slow fibers to train different muscle qualities. Includes programs for Warm-up, Maximum strength, Endurance strength, Explosive strength, De-contracting (muscle relaxation), Capillarization and Post-competition/training Active Recovery.

FITNESS, BEAUTY & WELNESS: body beauty is the expression of a wellness state and a form balance that we have to value and defend from the attacks of time and sedentary life. With the TENSMED S82 you can care for your body and defend its vitality and beauty using the electrostimulation beauty treatments. Ideal for Drainage, Lipolysis, Vascularization, Firming, Toning, Sculpting and Mass Building.

PREVENTION: programs to reinforce main articulations (such as shoulder, knee and hip) and to prevent traumas and injuries


Numbers of channels: 2 non-independent channels

Intensity: 0-100 mA per channel

Wave form: symmetrical biphasic pulse 100% compensated

Constant current: up to a resistance of 1000 ohm

Frequency: 1 – 150 Hz

Pulse width (single phase): 50-400 µs

Total pulse width 100-800 µs

Number of pre-set programs: 59

Numbers of personal programs: 6

Stimulation forms: Conventional / continuous Burst Frequency Modulation Pulse Width Modulation Intermittent

Timer: max. 100 min

Power supply: Mains or battery

Battery: Rechargeable battery (NI-MH / 800mAh / 4.8V)

Charger: Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0,32 max. Output: 6,5V --- 200mA

Dimensions: 130x80x20 mm

Weight: 220 g

Backlit display

Device class II A

 In compliance with the directive 93/42/CEE-2007/47/CEE


Carrying bag

2 Cables for electrode connection

4 Self-adhesive square electrodes (50x50mm)

4 Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes (50x90mm)


 User manual